Bouquet: very broad, intense and persistent, herbaceous and
spicy, with a marked scent of herbs and hints of vanilla, licorice,
herbs and spices (gentian, wild thyme, genepi artemisia, yarrow,
cinchona, sage, rhubarb, gentianella, vanilla.)

Flavoring substances: none
Natural substances: infusions of herbs and spices in wheat
alcohol, white cane sugar, caramelized sugar.
Allergens: in our factory we process foods that also
contain milk, eggs, nuts and soy.
Preservatives, additives, dyes: not present

Taste: intense and tasty, soft and balanced.
Rich in Alpine herbs and spices and roots.


Ingredients: Wheat alcohol, white cane sugar, herbal and spiceextracts, roots, purified and demineralized water, caramelized sugar.

Production process or flow chart:
Maturation in small barrels for 4 monthS. Infusion of 20 herbs and spices in wheat alcohol and subsequent mixing; addition of purified and demineralized water, white cane sugar and caramelized sugar; double filtration with panel filter.

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